Master Rhythm Game

If you complete this game, you should be well on your way towards learning the drums. It'll cover the basics of rhythm and reading sheet music, one concept at a time. Eventually you'll find yourself performing complex rhythms!

To play the right drum, hit the P key. To play the left drum, hit the Q key. If you're on a touch screen, tap the left and right hand sides of the screen.

To hear the rhythm as it's meant to be played, hit the 'play' button, or click on an individual . To test yourself, hit the 'record' button.


Select an exercise:

Exercise 1:

Whole Note aka Semi Brieve

Exercise 2:

Whole Note and Whole Rest

Exercise 3:

Half Note

Exercise 4:

Half Note and Half Rest

Exercise 5:

Half Note (Minim), Whole Note (Semi-Breeve) Half Rest and Whole Rest

Exercise 6:

Quarter Note and Quarter Rest (Crotchet)

Exercise 7:

Quarter Note and Whole Note

Exercise 8:

Quarter Note, Half Note, and Half Rest

Exercise 9:

Quarter, Whole, Half Note and Whole and Quarter Rests

Exercise 10:

Eighth Note

Exercise 11:

Eighth Note and Eighth Rest

Exercise 12:

Eighth Note, Quarter Note and Quarter Rest

Exercise 13:

Eighth, Quarter, Half Note, and Half Rest

Exercise 14:

Eighth, Quarter, Half, and Whole Note

Exercise 15:

Eighth, Quarter, Half and Whole Note, and Whole and Eighth Rest